In The Loop – May 28, 2021

It’s the Wild, Wild West out there—and in Hartford!
As we count down the final hours of the 2021 Session (216 to be exact—if they work around the clock every day until June 9th), there are some very unusual things happening in both the House and Senate.

Something I can’t recall ever happening before is happening now—several Senate-approved bills are being amended on other bills in the House, which are being sent to the Senate with the hope they get approved before the House takes action on the original Senate bill.


We’re also seeing duplicate amendments turning up as language in several bills to ensure the substance gets through the legislature, even if it gets passed twice. This creates real concern in that you better like the bill it’s been attached to, or you may be disappointed if it stalls in the other chamber or gets vetoed by the Governor!

Much of this, clearly, is due to the inability of legislators, state agencies and even the lobbying corps to be in the factory where the sausage gets made. Many have already lamented the lack of critical eyes on the practicality of bill language, the realistic expectations of the proposal and even the direction of what has been passed out of the House and Senate.

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