In The Loop – June 4, 2021

How to train for a marathon… and the last week of session
Every year around this time, talk at the State Capitol centers around the similarities of surviving a 150-day session and preparing for a 26.2-mile marathon—especially what to expect when entering the final mile.

Next week marks the beginning of the final mile of this year’s 2021 marathon extraordinaire! Those with more experience and knowledge of marathons than I are all over the internet offering advice on how to best prepare for taking on this exhausting event; how novices should approach the daunting experience of their first marathon and lessons runners should take with them when they enter their next race. I thought it might be interesting to share and compare some of those thoughts, when the marathon in question is a 5-month legislative session.

Long-distance running continues to draw plenty of newbies each year to join the ranks of the more experienced runners. Runners tend to be highly motivated, focused and filled with optimism at the start of their training, or even a race…

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