In The Loop – June 11, 2021

Keeping with last week’s theme – the race was run, the runners have crossed the finish line and to the victors go the spoils. Not so sure we know who the victors are just yet!

After an abrupt closing of the 2020 Session, the 2021 Session started out with a great deal of enthusiasm from the recently elected 187 members of the legislature, including several dozen freshmen. The legislature brought with it a host of new ideas and issues to tackle and a whole new “process” for how a bill becomes a law – virtual public hearings, virtual committee meetings and even virtual chamber debates and proceedings. As the building remained out of bounds to the public, families and the lobbying corps, the members of the media, legislators, the Governor’s office and his budget office—in addition to a shrunken staff—came to Hartford daily to cobble together the 2021 Legislative Session. KEEP READING

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