In The Loop – June 25, 2021

Ahh the memories!

This week brought back feelings of digging out after a huge snow storm despite the warm temperatures in Connecticut! Once the “snow” stopped falling, folks were able to dig into the 850+ pages of the implementer bill, the longer than long language of the recreational marijuana bill and the dozens of bills passed on the last day of session that were served up “auction” style without a formal briefing on their content. .

A lot was packed into the three days of special session. While much of the language had been discussed prior to enactment, some elements were radically changed, and sprinkled here and there were new surprises added at the last minute. A special session can only deal with items outlined in the “call to the session” so all items were limited to “things related to the state budget” and the legalization of recreational marijuana. While that might sound limited in nature, the definition of “related to the state budget” gets stretched further and further every special session. KEEP READING

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