In The Loop – July 2, 2021

Welcome to summer! Hot, hot, hot weather… hot, hot, hot news!

The Legislative Office Building (LOB) will officially reopen on Tuesday, July 6th – hip, hip, hooray! I can’t wait. I love my job because as a lobbyist its part problem solving, part crisis management and 100% interacting with people. The past two sessions were so far from that mix.

In 2020 after a mere five weeks, the doors of the Capitol were locked due to the COVID-19 pandemic and no one was to be seen for almost nine months. As the election season crept along, there were sporadic in person events but after the election, things pulled back again and the doors of the Capitol and LOB were still locked. We spent a number of weeks on zoom calls and lobbying through text, email and cell phone calls with a few here and there in person meetings in district with legislators. KEEP READING

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