In The Loop – July 16, 2021

Back in business!!!

Yes, the CT legislature returned to the capitol with open doors – sort of. On Wednesday the House and Senate returned to the Capitol for a special session to debate the extension of emergency powers of Governor Lamont. While someone else from the S&L team will go into those details, I wanted to share with you how the day went for the public. This was the long awaited first legislative session open to the public since March 12, 2020, and I have to say it was kind of dull for the lobbyists!

While the capitol security team were geared up for potential rallies of interested special interests, the only folks to arrive were a small gathering of advocates including the ACLU protesting the continuance of solidary confinement in CT prisons. Although several members of the legislature wandered around side of the attend and support the various special interest groups, its wasn’t the huge event that many thought. Along with the “black hat” lobbyists (aka business types) there were few others!! Several lobbying firms had folks pop in and out. The labor union folks were there, and several environmental special interest groups were busy catching up with the few legislators to wander through the first floor entry where we were assigned space!

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