In The Loop – August 20, 2021

CHOP, CHOP this Week was a Busy Week

After a couple of sleeper weeks, CT government has been busy as the summer comes to an end and folks look forward to schools reopening and the fall arriving. Many large companies were planning a return to the office after Labor Day, but given the unsettledness caused by the delta variant, most have postponed this event until later in October.

This week Governor Lamont made his long awaited declaration on the return to school, and will allow for the current mask requirement to hold through the remaining days of his emergency powers. This either flips the decision to the legislature after the governor’s powers run out, or it lets local schools make the choice for their towns. It’s controversial for sure – the activists either for masks or against masks are out and about at school boards and rallying in their communities. Without the governor calling for a statewide mask policy many chief elected across the state are calling on the governor to make the call. Others, especially in the larger and bluer cities and towns, have made the call for their constituents and are comfortable with the decision. A few outbursts have been recorded at local town council meetings, but for the most part those mayors who picked up the cause did so with a majority of their residents…

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