In The Loop – August 27, 2021

This Week Surely Wasn’t a Good One Whether you were in Connecticut, or Across the Globe

Tensions both globally, and at the federal, state and local level have ratcheted up this week. It makes one believe the world is a bit off kilter.

Across the world, hearts are saddened by the unraveling of our national reputation for protecting those most in need against cruel, inhuman and egregious rule. The events, as they are unraveling, make for a movie, not a real life situation. One of our sons is serving in the marines at the pentagon and while he can’t share the true nature of his work, it has not been a good several weeks, and he’s not sure if the next several weeks will be any better. All we can do is hope that the generals will step in and wrestle control of the situation form the politicians and make good on protecting our own, our allies and those who risk it all in the name of peace and democracy.

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