In The Loop – September 3, 2021

Anyone Remember that Famous Beatles Song – “Come Together, Right Now, Over Me…”?

Looking back we remember that at the end of this past session, after dealing with intense complicated and emotional issues, the last couple days of session were beginning to feel like D.C. had invaded the usual peaceful and respectful CT legislature. There were rumblings that a majority of the freshman class, and even a number of veteran legislators, were frustrated with the limited number of legislators allowed in the chamber during session, as well as the lack of bonding and personal one-on-one opportunities to get to know each other better.

At the closing ceremony of the House, Speaker Matt Ritter (D) and Minority Leader Vinnie Candelora (R) made a commitment to finding ways to hang out in a fun, bipartisan way to ensure that collegial relationships are able to form across the aisle. These efforts were conducted in hopes of returning to the Capitol in January with a shared understanding of each other – their quirks, their passions and their hopes and dreams…

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