In The Loop – October 1, 2021

When Multiple Worlds Become Entwined…

Two special sessions were held this week, Monday for the House and Tuesday for the Senate in order to extend the Governor’s executive orders for private and public employee testing, school masks, his ability to leverage his statutory powers in case there’s a resurgence of infection and to keep the federal funds allocated for the ongoing public health emergency.

The House of Representatives voted 80-60 (eleven not voting) to approve the Governor’s sixth extension, which was followed by the Senate’s 18-15 vote (three not voting) on Tuesday. Governor Lamont’s emergency powers are now set to expire on February 15, 2022—six days after the 2022 session convenes on February 9th.

It was an interesting but long debate. While it was mostly the Republicans challenging the current assessment of Connecticut’s COVID-19 situation, a few Democrats spoke on the House and Senate floor as well.

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