In The Loop – October 15, 2021

Where are Connecticut’s workers?

Anyone who lives, works or visits Connecticut these days has got to be scratching their heads— wondering what’s happening in the workforce. Tons of “employees wanted” (and needed) signs are decorating store windows, flyers are being dropped at high-potential residential homes, recruitment fairs at college campuses are at an all-time high and you can even be recruited on television and radio ads these days. From restaurants needing high-end wait staff to all those who work behind the scenes to make the meals happen in our restaurants, both highly skilled manufacturing professionals and their colleagues who drive the trucks to get the products to market, businesses are struggling. The supply chain’s shortage of workers is real and if you’ve seen the store shelves or tried to get a same day/next day Amazon delivery, don’t be disappointed if they profusely apologize for the logistic delays.

Personal/residential service workers like landscapers, lawn care, general fix-it workers and even the basic retail part-time employment opportunities for grocery stores, pharmacies, box stores and alike are all scrambling for dependable, long-term help. With the holidays only ten weeks away, more and more stores are providing higher than ever hourly wages, signing bonuses and even referral bonuses for current employees who land the next employee.

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