In The Loop – October 8, 2021

Quiet as a church mouse…

Not a lot is happening in Hartford this week. It was very quiet in the LOB and Capitol, but there has been a lot of activity on the campaign trail. Legislative caucuses were busy drumming up support and providing an opportunity for lobbyists, party regulars and elected officials to mix and mingle across the state.

As you may recall, lobbyists are restricted to a single $100 contribution for each statewide or legislative race, going back to the days of former Governor M. Jodi Rell. Since then we have also been restricted in who we can engage when raising campaign funds and the number of contributions we can actually provide to a campaign at one time— all in the name of reducing the influence of special interest funds within Connecticut’s campaign process. Most candidates for statewide office or legislative seats now participate in the state’s Citizen’s Election Program administered and regulated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC).

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