In The Loop – October 22, 2021

All things are local…

While the Capitol is still as quiet as a church mouse, lions are roaring across the state as municipal elections heat up and local communities begin to speak out about a variety of emotional issues.

Today West Hartford lifted its mask mandate due to a local drop in positivity rates, and other communities are fiercely debating similar changes. When this action hit the news, I was in the Farmington Valley catching up with some folks in Simsbury, and while I was in line waiting to order coffee I overheard at least three different groups of people discussing West Hartford’s decision. All three groups were asking, “Why isn’t Simsbury doing the same…when is Simsbury going to do the same?” And pointing out how odd it was that if you go into one store on the south side of a traffic light you don’t have to wear a mask but if you’re just north of the traffic light you have to wear a mask. One person even brought up that if they shop in a retail store in West Hartford, no mask is required, but in the same store in Simsbury you have to mask up..

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