In The Loop – November 5, 2021

The beginning of this week was all about local elections. As you’ll read in our election update article there were a number of Republican flips across the state as well as some noteworthy city victories that created quite the stir. Rather than get into the weeds on the results, I thought I’d take a different spin on politics!

Seems as if there’s a lot happening in the middle of both parties in Connecticut and across the country. This week a different Connecticut legislative PAC has emerged called the CT BLUE DOGS. It’s a revival of the former gang of moderate Democrats that were once led by Former Governor Bill O’Neill, along with former State Representatives Rich Mulready, Rich Balducci, Jim McCavanaugh and Steve Dargan. Over the past several years the group has popped up here and there, but has not been highly engaged until a specific ‘alarming” legislative initiative pops up during session. It appears that a group of long-standing House members and some new House members have organized and are holding their first fundraising event next>

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