In The Loop – November 19, 2021

This week the bipartisan commission on redistricting met and approved changes for the House district map with the support of both the Democrats and Republicans. They “passed temporarily” on making decisions on the Senate district map. Adopting these plans will come down to communication and how well the partisan teams can listen and work together.

Members of both parties stated that the process was civil, respectful, transparent and cooperative when debating the impact that the recent changes to Connecticut‘s demographics would have on redrawing legislative district lines.

Isn’t that something to be proud of? Considering the tension and turmoil coming out of our nation’s Capital? Connecticut over the years has always been able to debate vigorously, but join together to make sure the work of the legislature gets done in a way that reflects the values and vision of the people of Connecticut. It’s common knowledge that incivility can split a team in major ways: it can destroy collaboration, which is critical to solving the complex and tricky problems facing our state, and it has the potential to establish a combative tone that may never go away.

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