In The Loop – November 24, 2021

Every now and then, CT Agency Corner takes a break from the usual content of the latest developments of the Executive Branch to share sentiments on what’s relevant to our clients who read this article (hopefully) every week. In keeping with that common practice, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year and I thought it would be appropriate to share some thoughts going into the big holiday weekend:

-Whether you’re flying or driving, be patient as you travel to where over you are going. Those working service-industry jobs are probably working a job meant for three people this weekend so try to plan ahead to account for things taking longer.

-The UConn Women’s basketball team just lost to South Carolina but the men’s basketball team tips off today at 2:30 in the Atlantis tournament in the Bahamas. If they win, they will play on Thanksgiving day at noon so instead of watching the Lions lose during the day, turn on ESPN to cheer on the Huskies!

-I attended a conference this week where a lawmaker from South Dakota shared a story about finding the person in his district he had the least in common with and demanded that they have coffee together. That story left me questioning how I should approach certain family members at Thanksgiving. It’s easy with everything going on in our country to have disagreements over anything but don’t let that be the narrative of the day. Find something you can share with those members of your family in common and if you can’t, eat more yams.

-Regardless of how cold it is outside on the big day, make sure you take a long walk after dinner. It will keep you awake enough to do some of the cleaning that night and feel like you did something other than watch football/basketball and eat stuffing (although that is, technically speaking, an incredible day).

-Finally, I know some folks avoid this tradition because it’s been exploited by movies on the Hallmark Channel, but make sure you have everyone around the table share what they’re thankful for this year. It’s been an incredibly challenging year battling through the pandemic and having everyone share this is the most important part of getting together.

I wish our clients and close friends reading this article a very happy Thanksgiving and look forward to that extra belt size!

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