In The Loop – December 3, 2021

For ever, I’ve taken the time around thanksgiving off to recharge the batteries and get ready for the whirlwind Christmas holidays. So last week my corner of In the Loop was quiet. Thanks for the moment of R&R!

While on vacation, Patrick and I did some serious TV binging—we revisited that crazy and wild NETFLIX “House of Cards.”

It was so interesting to start over from the first episode and see how much has changed in the politics of our country … and how so much hasn’t changed. Political divisiveness, behind-the-scenes “dirty pool” and backroom power struggles may be at the front of 2021 headlines, but they’ve been a part of the “DC DNA” for eons. What was especially interesting to witness was how the show dealt with the relationships of the media and politics.

When House of Cards started in 2013, social media was just a “thing.” It was something that fledgling, non-journalist communicators were trying to master and that veteran journalists were dismissing as a fad that could never be considered as real news reporting! To say nothing of the fact that Frank Underwood was texting from a Blackberry!

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