In The Loop – December 10, 2021

This past week saw more important roles vacated in the executive branch that leaves open the question of who will jump into important roles in the administration.

Newly elected Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons tapped Doug Dalena to join her office who was previously deputy general counsel for Governor Lamont. Dalena’s primary role in the last two years has been leading the state executive order process under the pandemic and helping with the ever-changing landscape of new policies implemented during that time such as remote notarization, enabling local zoning laws to allow outdoor eating and of course telemedicine/civil immunity protections. This is an enormous void to fill for the administration and one that certainly has an urgent ticking clock.

Current State Comptroller Kevin Lembo suddenly announced his retirement at the end of this month due to personal health and wellness, and the Governor announced today that Natalie Braswell will be filling this role. Braswell comes with experience relevant to the position. For a decade she previously served as assistant comptroller and general counsel under Lembo. Braswell currently serves as the chief of planning, legal, and regulatory affairs for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The new comptroller vowed to only hold the post until the end of the term, and will not seek re-election. Braswell will be the first African American to hold the office!

For those who might be enjoying the season of eggnog, don’t forget that as of today we’re less than two months before the doors of the Capitol swing open with the start of our legislative session and a budget being issued by Governor Lamont. Any roles that are needed before the session begins will certainly have challenges if they are not filled with enough time before the process begins.

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