In The Loop – December 17, 2021

45 business days to Opening Day for the 2022 session (February 9th) and then it’s a short 65 business days (May 4th) to adjournment – WOW. It’s so hard to imagine all the work that needs to get done and the timeframe to do it.

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK is all I can think of right now! Then add to the mix a statewide election on Nov 8th and there’s going to be some fireworks under the capitol dome for sure! The two House caucuses have already outlined what they think is important – House Republicans believe the 2022 top priority is the steady and shocking surprise in random acts of theft, carjacking and threats to schools, and the consequences that the juveniles should face as a result of their behavior. House Republican leader Vin Candelora (R- North Branford) also mentions that the current requirements to quarantine students every time they come into contact with someone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus needs to be curtailed since it certainly is an indirect contributor to the uptick in juvenile crime. And his final priority outlined this past week is centered on the fact that despite most other state capitols being “fully open for business”, the Connecticut Capitol Building’s access is still restricted to the first floors. The legislature is still rotating days for staffers to come in their office, and the building is closed on Wednesdays. Candelora says the message is inconsistent with the status of the impact of the COVID-19 virus where he believes that the closure is impacting residents’ trust and favorability of the state legislature and state government in general. With a closed door, many believe that it reflects on transparency issues and “deals” being made behind closed doors with little input from the real public. “People can go to restaurants, the movies and fitness centers, but they can’t come to the Capitol? We’re shut down as if it was March of 2020. It’s one building that needs to be transparent and it’s not following the science,” Candelora said in a recent media interview.

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