In The Loop – February 18, 2022

Really? Come on.
With budget hearings all week and the governor leading a trade mission to Israel, and the OPM secretary out of action related to a personal illness, you’d think that would be keeping folks busy? Not.

There have been lots of recent media conferences around the revelations of wrong-doing and mismanagement of state contracts, mostly around who did what, what did others in positions of power know, when did they know, what did they do and when did they take control of the situation. It seems as if these serious shenanigans are much more complex than one might think. At first, the issue was judgement of a top leader in OPM seeking a high level state agency leader to hire a member of his immediate family. Then we learned that a high level state agency leader advocated for his own personal increase in salary to the fella’ who was looking for his family member to be hired. Then it got further complicated due to the dual role of the same top guy at OPM leveraging state contracts for friends. To further complicate the matters, we learned that this top OPM leader, according to a governor- requested investigation by a well known and respected former US attorney, even actively participated in securing state business through no bid contracts for the same family member’s part time employer who was seeking work related to school contracts! I’m not making this up, I promise, and it’s not the plot of a new TV show. This is CT government at its worse…


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