In The Loop – February 25, 2022

Pull the Plug
As the governor returns to a snow storm outside, he found one inside the capitol as well. It appears that his state trip to Israel was successful and identified many opportunities for the state in the advancement of several critical industries for CT’s future growth. With a return to typical New England weather complete with snow, sleet, and freezing rain greeting the Governor, he also faced an administration with some chinks in its armor.

Yesterday, in a media event, the House Republicans pushed for an investigation similar to others that were convened related to then Governor John Rowland and Senate Republican Leader Lou DeLuca several years back. The theme appeared to be ….”What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. While the legislature’s Democratic leaders weighed in gingerly, they seemed to agree that “where there’s smoke, there more than likely is fire” and it deserves a peek under the covers, but not now with a federal criminal investigation underway. Seems like even the governor agrees that there’s a need for everyone to understand the multiple levels of concern identified – not only the potential criminal activities of certain appointed people – though almost no one seems to imply the governor himself was involved – there is plenty of talk in the halls of other instances of lack of judgement, lack of oversight and supervision, as well as additional people engaged in the school construction mess and potentially other areas of interest to the FBI.


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