In The Loop – April 1, 2022

So we all know that today is APRIL FOOLS DAY, but do you know how it started?

HA! No one does! According to a CT Public article today, it’s hard to really find the origin of the “holiday.” We all know that there’s a lot of practical jokes that happen on April Fools, and we all might know that the tradition probably started in the Europe. Some of us might even know that it was during the Renaissance…

But then what? I dare someone to be able to explain it further. Well, in the CT Public article, they do!

Here’s the link, and I hope it clarifies the biggest mystery of the day.

I raise this issue because at the State Capitol, there’s no real joke these days. The committees have mostly completed their work, with only Judiciary, Appropriations and Finance Revenue and Bonding still to go (they are scheduled for final action next week).


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