In The Loop – May 13, 2022

A week without a session!

This week was a bit different than the past 18 weeks as we’re still unraveling what exactly happened during the 2022 session! When the gavel came down at 11:56 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4th folks immediately refocused their attention to the two statewide majority party conventions scheduled for just two days later! Team Sullivan & LeShane were engaged at both of the day-and-a-half events, and you will see some interesting reports on what really happened last weekend in Connecticut politics.

You’ll see there were some surprises and some confirmations of what folks thought to be true. But I think the most interesting thing was to see who was coming out of hibernation after multiple years of isolation, social distancing and mask-wearing. Both conventions made it through the weekend without being cast as a “super spreader event!” Maybe, just maybe, we are starting to learn to live our lives, stay careful but not exactly comfortable, but less worried about the potential for a fatal outcome.

Unsurprisingly, the Capitol and LOB are still limited in access to the first and second floor. With the session adjourned, it’s been quite the ghost town for sure, as partisan and non-partisan staff also dig out after the session and maybe use some of their “comp time” to recover, regroup and then to get back in motion and review all the various task forces, agency studies and other commitments made during the session.


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