In The Loop – June 3, 2022

A pin could drop at the Capitol this week

After the session closed legislators, for the most part, represented their towns as delegates at the statewide conventions to nominate their party leaders as candidates for the 2022 November Election. While there were some surprises as to each race’s final candidates, for the most part, legislators running for re-election could use the time to shore up their own campaigns, since immediately following the adjournment of the two-day conventions they had to rush back to their districts to line up the local support needed for their nominations for their respective seats in the Connecticut legislature. Immediately after that, there was a flurry of fundraising through texts, emails and the occasional printed invitation to join them at a local setting to support their 2022 election run.

As you might know, as a lobbyist, we are limited to a $100 donation to any campaign for statewide office or the legislature. Even town committee events have tight restrictions on what a lobbyist can contribute, since often times the town committees will eventually support their locally endorsed candidates.

On a parallel track, most candidates were also hard at work locally to secure the necessary financial support needed from residents in their districts in order to secure public campaign funding. There were many spaghetti dinners, backyard BBQs and even the infamous pancake breakfasts happening the past couple weeks. As candidates secure the funds needed to qualify for applying for a state grant, the challengers are still at it, and looking to build a network to help them qualify…KEEP READING…

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