In The Loop – August 12, 2022

Where oh where did the CT voters go?

One word: missing

As of Friday morning, there are still no “official” voter turnout numbers. Some back-of-the-envelope calculations put CT voter turnout at about 12-13% overall. Can you believe this? What happened?

Some will say there wasn’t anything exciting about the US Senate race; the Secretary of the State and Treasurer primaries or even the Republican US Congress primary in the 4th District. There were a few fireworks in the one Senate primary and the seven house seats for sure.

But if you look at the “raw” unofficial numbers – out of the 3,517,000 residents of the state – 2,240,905 are registered to vote (there are 463,656 Republicans and 825,286 Democrats and a whopping 930,963 unaffiliated and throw in several thousand other minor party registrations)……KEEP READING.

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