In The Loop – August 26, 2022

Where Have They Gone?

The moderate voice in Connecticut politics is getting lost these days. If the primary election earlier in the month didn’t clearly demonstrate that, then I’m not sure what will.

In my opinion, many of the moderate Republican candidates didn’t fare so well come 8pm when the votes were counted. Several candidates who thought the race would be tight didn’t see success. Yesterday, I was with a couple of moderate thinkers and we could not believe what happened on primary day. We kind of realized there was a strong contingent of Republicans on the right but thought the established party candidates would have earned their place on the November ballots, and the party moderates would support their efforts.

Last week, I mentioned voter turnout and now you can see what happens when it’s low and concentrated on the “passionate” section of each party. Even in the Democratic primary, the party endorsed candidates in certain races weren’t successful despite a very strong town committee operation…….KEEP READING.

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