In The Loop – October 14, 2022

Tis the season…

Most folks think of this time with fond memories of college and high school reunions, Halloween fun, and pranks. But those who follow politics and elections see this as the “witching hour” for elections!

There’s the infamous October surprise where candidates hold back that BIG zinger in hopes of tipping the public opinion their way. They hope to change someone’s mind on who they will vote for in November, or persuade the undecideds to make a choice. The zinger could be past voting records, or possibly a business decision that one might perceive as being controversial. Some even go after the candidate’s loved ones to try to imply that you are who your friends are. No one is safe at this time in the election cycle if the numbers on their voter polling start to get tight

It comes down to a candidate’s inner self and who they want to be perceived to be by the potential voters. Do they take the high road and stick to the facts or do they go for it? Do they let others make the accusations and then shrug their shoulders and say “it wasn’t my campaign”? It’s a matter of personal integrity for some who despite the temperature of the race will never cross that line.

So why would some bring up the “dirt” with three weeks to go in a race where it’s a known fact that voters respond to negative ads? KEEP READING.

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