In The Loop – October 28, 2022

Eleven is the Number of the Day

Why, do you ask? Is it that there are 11 soccer players on the field? Or could it be that in numerology, the number is a sign that a person would be on the verge of achieving their goals? Others would say that it means if 11 is part of your birthdate that you are very intuitive. In love, it could mean that you are about to meet someone who will become a very important person in your life, and in American football 11 means – 1 running back and 1 tight-end in an offensive formation.

But today, to me, it means 11 days to “go time” – ELECTION DAY!

But isn’t it interesting that the number eleven should have so many similar meanings to what Election Day will mean to so many people across the country? Nationally, it will mean who controls the US Congress for the next two years. It stands for a test of the temperature of the American public. In Connecticut, it could also mean a potential turn in the leadership of our state, and even more change in the 5th congressional district if the polls are correct.

This week, we saw a bunch of new voter opinion polls telling us that the good old blue state of Connecticut is having second thoughts. The race for the congressional seat for the western part of Connecticut is a toss-up. Incumbent Jahanna Hayes, at the start of the campaign, had folks worried that she was not for real, hanging on by the thinnest of margins. The polls have her race solidly in the “margin of error”, meaning for an incumbent 11 days out she’s in real trouble. Her opponent, former state senator George Logan, has had some nasty stuff thrown at him from a lot of out-of-state folks and he’s holding his own. This race is the one that’s got people talking, and at times, not in a good way. The tone, and at times the “meaning” of the ads, have been very close to crossing the line of civility on several occasions. KEEP READING.

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