In The Loop – January 27, 2023

It’s almost a month into the 2023 session, and we’re about to hit some deadlines next week. An important deadline already passed on January 13th which allowed individual legislators to submit ideas (proposed bills) that they heard about during the recent election cycle; ideas that didn’t make it to the governor’s desk last session; or something that caught their attention at the many forums, legislative conferences and local meetings attended over the past year. This year we saw 2,400+ individual proposed bills introduced and shortly, that number will be whittled down after committees reach the committee bill deadline by the end of February/beginning of March, where any proposed bill that has not had a subject matter public hearing, or been turned into a committee bill will die…

If you take a look at the deadline dates for the multiple steps of how a bill becomes law, you’d wonder how anything happens under the gold dome. There are more twists and turns throughout the process right up to the final committee action deadline (referred to as JF day -joint favorable, approved for chamber action). For much of the next two months, you’d think we were all speaking a foreign language with all the jargon and the alphabet soup of acronyms!… KEEP READING.

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