In The Loop – November 17, 2023

Elections in Connecticut are still not over. I thought I’d keep you in the loop about two municipalities in fact are having do-overs! Of course we all know about Bridgeport who will hold a redo of their Democratic primary between Councilman Gomes and Mayor Ganim. As many of you recall, right after the primary, challenger Gomes contested the outcome of the primary based on a video of some suspect absentee ballot handling. After weeks of collecting facts and eyewitness interviews, a superior court judge declared a week before the fall election that Bridgeport would be required to redo the primary to ensure it was done in compliance with state absentee ballot laws. So, many thought that if Gomes was to win the election, then possibly the primary would be moot. But once again, based on the outcome of absentee ballots, the incumbent Mayor Ganim won the November election, and now Democrats will return to the polls on January 23, 2024 to, for the second time to choose a candidate for mayor… KEEP READING

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