In The Loop – May 3, 2024

In politics there’s a saying about two to three weeks before an election – watch out for the October surprise. Usually, it’s not a good surprise – like a personal attack by one opponent to knock the energy out of the other candidate or something personal to embarrass the opponent. The best-known October surprise in past elections might have been when CT was hit was an October wine snowstorm that shut down the state and the then-governor was on a family ski trip and waited several days before taking any concrete action. Or in the 1990 gubernatorial election between a first-time candidate for government, John Rowland against Former US Senator Lowell Weicker when the Sunday before election day, Weicker doubled down on his position on the controversial topic of enacting a state income tax with the phrase -it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire and thereby burst Rowland’s chance to win. 

This week the legislative leaders got an October Surprise in May which defiantly was not a bad surprise but it did catch the legislative leaders by surprise. Just as Connecticut’s regular 2024 legislative session is about to adjourn leaders face both hope and frustration. The announcement of unexpectedly hefty tax revenues promised billions more for the government’s coffers in the coming years. Unfortunately, the legislative leaders had decided to take a pass on making any adjustments to the current two-year budget and the clock is running down. They had decided to look elsewhere to find funds for some necessary funding and based on the legislative–bureaucratic process it may be too late to take advantage of this newly founded revenue during the regular session. READ THE FULL IN THE LOOP

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