CT Agency Corner: Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight

The Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight held its monthly meeting today and provided two critical announcements that received a large amount of attention during the meeting.

The first piece of information was that call wait times this past September have dropped dramatically, compared to wait times a year prior. They have dropped by 73 percent, going from an average call wait time of 90 minutes to 24 minutes. Related to this statistic was another metric released regarding “total calls abandoned,” which was also reduced during the same time period by 58 percent-there were 15,916 calls in September 2014 versus 6,611 calls in September 2015. Rep. Johnson (D-Windham) was very pleased with the improvement of these benchmarks considering the large amount of residents who could lose access to these benefits such as SNAP and Healthcare coverage if the applications are not processed adequately.

The second critical announcement was addressed by DSS Medicaid Director that DSS and the State Innovation Model (SIM) panel reached an agreement and approval by the Center Medicaid and Medicaid Innovation for a one year delay in implementation of the shared savings model from January 2016 to January 2017. The payment system being constructed by the SIM panel is called the shared savings model and is aimed to help achieve higher standards of care for up to 215,000 and be an “upside only” model. This model is geared to specifically prevent negative modified reimbursements for providers who do not achieve the goals laid out in the program.

CT Agency Corner will continue to cover these meetings and provide updates on other large topics of interest as they’re discussed by the committee.

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