CT Agency Corner – DEEP – State Begins to Strongly Emphasize Recycling Amid 2024 Deadline

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) recently presented to an advisory board about the tougher enforcement the agency plans on taking regarding state recycling boards.

In the presentation, DEEP advised the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee (SWAC) that there must be separation between solid waste and recyclables by all collectors or face a $2,500 for each violation and up to $10,000 for a subsequent violation. The state, in legislation during the 2014 session, set a goal of achieving a 60 percent recycling rates by 2024 and is using these and other types of enforcement policies as an incentive for raising the rates for each municipality.

DEEP, through their efforts in trying to increase recycling rates, have also provided notice municipalities for not reporting to the state on their total estimated municipal solid waste for the year. Having this data has recently been stated by DEEP as a top priority for the agency since they would like to use the metrics in determine the true recycling rates for each community in Connecticut.

In terms of individual regulations for recycling, DEEP in their presentation reminded those who attended of the following regulations currently in law:

  • Each person who generates solid waste from residential property shall separate recyclables from solid waste.
  • Multi-family dwellings/property managers shall make provisions for the separation and collection of recyclables and solid waste.
  • No person shall combine previously segregated recyclables with other solid waste, including haulers.


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