CT Agency Corner – Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – DEEP Lauds 6th Place National Ranking of Energy Efficiency

Last week the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their rankings of energy efficient states and out of 50 states Connecticut ranked 6th which was partially attributed to CT’s energy code, reduction in electric usage and financial incentives for “green” initiatives.

ACEEE stated that the six policy areas in which states typically pursue energy efficiency were utility and public benefits, transportation, building energy codes and compliance, combined heat and power (CHP), state government-led initiatives around energy efficiency, and appliance and equipment standards. Upon the announcement of the rankings, DEEP Commissioner Klee provided further details into the determination of the rankings that CT received a perfect score in building energy code compliance and produced enough success in their energy efficiency programs to be the equivalent of removing 466,259 cars from roads.

ACEEE also provided scorecards for certain large cities in the country in which CT had only Hartford that was considered for the ranking. The City of Hartford placed 45th in the country under the same standards as the states but it was cited that the city has been making a high level of investments in electric and natural gas efficiency programs.

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