Meet Patrick

Patrick Sullivan
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Patrick Sullivan, co-founder of Sullivan & LeShane, Inc., is widely respected as one of the top political operatives and strategic thinkers in Connecticut. From his early days as a deputy commissioner under former Governors Meskill and Grasso and for the six decades that have followed, Patrick has been recognized for his influence and intuitive approach in state politics. Excelling in crafting and executing deals with both state and local governments, he is a sought-after figure among business, community, and elected leaders, valued for his comprehensive knowledge, extensive network and insightful perspectives on national, state, and local politics.  

Respected across the aisle, Patrick is often consulted on navigating through the ins and outs of Connecticut’s political environment. A seasoned political and business strategist, Patrick commands respect from both political parties, having played key roles in numerous presidential campaigns, as well as contributing significantly to the state campaigns of former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, Senator Joe Lieberman and several Connecticut governors.