Meet Patrick

Patrick Sullivan
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“What’s Patrick’s take on the bigger picture here?”

From his days as a freshly minted deputy commissioner under Governors Meskill and Grasso to today, Patrick is recognized as one of the most influential and intuitive government and public relations leaders in Connecticut. Pat has mastered the art of putting together deals and making things happen within state and municipal governments as well as framing issues to ensure they appear in the best possible public light. As a partner at Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc., (SLPR) Patrick leverages his vast experience and networks of government and media influencers on a daily basis for the benefit of clients.

Patrick began with the Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and then with Connecticut’s largest beverage trade association. After founding his Sullivan & LeShane, Inc. (S&L) government relations firm in 1983 with Paddi LeShane, they and Gene Sheehan founded SLPR five years later, creating Connecticut’s first and still-most effective integrated model for strategic government and public affairs. Today, Patrick is continually sought after by business and community leaders, professional associations, media leaders and elected officials for his institutional knowledge, extensive network and keen insights into national, state and local politics. Patrick’s deep knowledge of how things work between the media and political sectors allows him to deliver for our clients in the most challenging of public relations scenarios.

A veteran political strategist, Patrick played key roles in the presidential campaigns of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and former Senator Robert Dole, as well as former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, Senator Joseph Lieberman and several Connecticut governors. Most recently, he has served as a senior policy and media adviser for two U.S. Senate campaigns. He is a graduate of Fairfield University with a BS in Sociology.

• Secured the initial state funding needed for UConn to build Gampel Pavilion.

• Led the government and public relations teams for several industry mergers requiring approvals from the Office of the Attorney General, State Legislature and other regulatory bodies.

• Created special taxing district and secured authorizing legislation for a major urban renewal project at Harbor Point in Stamford, resulting in $240 million in infrastructure funds.

• Sought after political and media strategist with close ties to every major statewide and local political leader in the state.

Community Involvement
Patrick founded and coached the Connecticut Basketball Club (CBC) to bring together the state’s top high school basketball prospects, several of whom are now playing in the NBA. CBC has become one of the top Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) programs in the country, including two recent Final Four appearances. Additionally, Patrick is a longtime member of the National Association of State Lobbyists and several other professional organizations. He lives with his wife and business partner, Paddi LeShane, in the historic West End of Hartford. They have three adult sons and eight grandchildren.

“We’ve been nationally recognized for our integrated public relations/government relations services as well as leveraging social media to impact government actions; we set the tone for building a prosperous future for our clients. Any problem can be solved and any issue can be resolved with strategic thinking and bringing the right people to the table. That is our culture at Sullivan & LeShane.”