Strategic Assessment and Plan Development
We provide clients with a strong foundation to manage issues before state and local governments, and the tactical planning to reach solutions. We understand the process and have the relationships necessary to initiate dialogues that yield results.

Legislative Lobbying
We are constantly on the watch for legislation or regulations that may impact our clients, and we can quickly put a plan into action to address their needs. Our staff of veteran lobbyists provides in-depth research, up-to-the-minute legislative tracking, creative problem solving and strategic execution – all tools you need to achieve favorable outcomes. By understanding your organization and your issues, we develop a customized plan that includes direct proactive or defensive lobbying of the General Assembly or executive branch, development of legislative proposals to secure approval, and integration of grassroots or media relations strategies.

Executive Branch/Administrative Lobbying.
Navigating bureaucracy and helping our clients break through administrative barriers is what we do best. We specialize in building cooperation with agencies and working with technical experts to substantially benefit businesses across Connecticut. Whether at the state or local level, we know the people, understand the process, and have the skills that will make the difference.

Economic Development
Sullivan & LeShane has delivered results for economic development projects across Connecticut. From economic incentives and legislative property transfers to local referendums and Planning & Zoning approvals, our team has the expertise to move your project forward, quickly and efficiently. Using a unique approach that incorporates community and political outreach, strategic communication and proactive media relations, we build and customize the right campaign for your project and your budget.

Procurement Advice and Counsel
When Connecticut adopted the strictest ethical standards in the nation regarding procurement of state goods and services, Sullivan & LeShane retooled its procurement strategy to ensure our continued success. Our firm has a reputation for delivering timely, accurate and effective representation within state agencies in order to help clients achieve their goals. The firm’s administrative knowledge and strategic advice have been critical to our clients’ ability to successfully maneuver through Connecticut’s procurement rules.

Issue Management
We work in a highly integrated fashion with our sister company, Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, to bring an integrated and strategic approach to solving our clients’ problems. Our day-to-day knowledge of what’s happening in Connecticut coupled with our extensive network of contacts and associations allow us to frame the issue before someone has framed it for you.

Municipal Representation
We know how cities and towns operate and how to reach the decision-makers. Thanks to our team’s years of political and community involvement coupled with our firm’s representation of several Connecticut municipalities, we have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in managing issues before local government.

Legislative Grassroots
An active, well-organized local group has influence unmatched in the political arena. At Sullivan & LeShane, we know how to use that asset to give our clients a clear advantage when it comes to moving public policy. Our grassroots approach mobilizes informed, local members of the organization critical to your needs into taking action. Equipped with the right tools and information, they can engage key legislators or municipal officials through a one-on-one meetings, letter-writing campaigns, issues forums, and media events. The result is having credible, local spokespersons connecting directly to audiences that matter most, delivering key message on a person-to-person basis.