What We Do

Executive Branch and Legislative Lobbying
For those unfamiliar or unconnected, navigating the state’s bureaucracies can be a daunting and time-consuming experience. Our sophisticated staff work and total commitment to success has been helping our clients break through administrative barriers for three decades. We are well-versed on the many processes, pitfalls and red tape you may encounter – so clients can benefit from our experience at all levels of the system. We have the necessary skills, know the important decision-makers, and can identify the best course that will help you in achieving your goals on time.

Municipal Relations
Our team’s reach is not confined to the halls of the State Capitol. Connecticut is home to 169 local governments and all of them conduct business differently. We know how each of the state’s municipalities operate and can connect with their key influencers and decision-makers. Thanks to our team’s years of political and community involvement, coupled with our firm’s representation of several Connecticut municipalities, Sullivan & LeShane provides our clients with the current “lay of the land” and helps you navigate each town’s unique procurement rules. You can count on us for important introductions that will yield successful outcomes, no matter what corner of Connecticut you’re working in or where you’re looking to expand.

Economic Development/Market Entry
From incentives, to legislative property transfers, local referendums, and Planning & Zoning approvals – Sullivan & LeShane has a long history of delivering results for economic development projects across the state. Using our unique approach that integrates community and political outreach, strategic communications, and proactive media relations we will move your project forward quickly, efficiently, and on-budget.

Procurement Advice & Counsel
Connecticut has adopted the nation’s strongest ethical standards in regard to the procurement of state goods and services. Sullivan & LeShane’s administrative knowledge and strategic advice has been critical to our clients’ ability to successfully maneuver through often times arcane procurement laws. We are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of state agencies so we are able to provide timely, accurate and effective representation when working with a public authority.

Issue Management
We work within a highly-integrated environment with our sister company Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations (SLPR) to forge unified, strategic approaches to issue management. Our teams will synthesize your public message and deliver it to your target audience with imagination and precision. SLPR’s day-to-day knowledge of who’s who and what’s what in Connecticut, along with their extensive network of media influencers allows our lobbying team to frame an issue for you and manage the public narrative.

Legislative Grassroots/Stakeholder Engagement
Using our broad network within the political arena and across the state, Sullivan & LeShane knows how to leverage our assets to move public policy forward. We can engage key legislators and municipal officials through one-on-one meetings, letter-writing campaigns, issue forums, media campaigns and by creating alliances with the usual stakeholders, as well as unique and timely allies, on any given issue. Many times we collaborate with our sister company, Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc., and draw upon their statewide network of media contacts, knowledge of social media and expertise in community engagement to make our clients’ goals a reality.